Osada Steve

osada steve

His Workshops:


Osada Steve learned his rope under the apprenticeship of the legendary Shibari grandmaster, the late Osada Eikichi.

Osada Steve is recognized within the worldwide Shibari community as an indisputed Master. He has trained several generations of riggers from all over the world to achieve advanced levels in Kinbaku. In his work, he emphasizes the spiritual and emotional connection with the model, while giving absolute priority to the model's well-being and safety. He also emphasizes discernment of the values of Japanese culture, which are embodied in the rope work.

For the last thirty years, he has lived and worked as a rope artist in Japan. He also travels regularly back and forth to Europe to teach. We are honored to announce that this is the first time that Osada Steve will be in Australia. He came to Japan in 1980, after having lived one year each in India, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and extensively traveling through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. He settled down in Japan for an intensive study of the martial arts (mainly Shotokan karate and Aikido).

He entered the Japanese Subculture in 1990.

His apprenticeship lasted four years between 1998-2001.

He first met his mentor Osada Eikichi in 1998 during a photo shoot, and soon found himself helping out during stage performances, studying his style of kinbaku until his retirement in 2001, after which he continued his teacher's shows under the stage name Osada Steve.




Shibari I-III - Classes from a Shibari Master

Shibari osada stevews(Japanese Bondage)

The workshops are geared towards riggers who would like to study Japanese bondage techniques (Shibari) from intermediate to advanced level. Beyond the purely technical aspects of the ties, Osada Steve will impart insights into the thinking processes of Japanese Shibari masters, and provide background information on the history and cultural reasons behind the use of rope in the modern S/M context.

Shibari I
Establishing the experience level of the participants.
Short review of the most important basic ties.
Hands-on part: Arm flute
Demonstration: Suspension bondage

Shibari II
Hands-on part: chest box bondage and variations as preparation for suspension bondage
Demonstration: Suspension bondage

Shibari III
Hands-on part: Suspension bondage
Demonstration: Suspension bondage


The exact content of each workshop will depend on the amount of bondage experience of the participants.