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Goldele is a Jewish Theatre Director, Producer, Actress and Social Justice activist. An active campaigner against violence against women and girls has seen her raise over $10,000 for women's charities through three productions of Eve's Enslers "The Vagina Monologues".

She passionate about ritual and where performance and culture meet and intertwine. Goldele has been actively involved and numerous "Purim Spiels" and other Jewish theatrical productions within the Progressive Jewish Community.

Her interest in gender roles and identities has developed over the years through her own experiences with mixed identities and as the partner of a transsexual woman.

Goldele graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University in 2007. Goldele has trained in both Australia and the USA. Following her participation in the one year part-time Talented Youth Training Program at the Actors College of Theatre and Television in NSW, Goldele undertook a Musical Theatre Workshop at the Walnut Street Theatre in the USA.

She primarily works as a director/animateur, but can often be found behind the scenes as a stage manager and occasionally on stage as a performer.

Goldele's recent credits include; Director "The Typist" at Dantes, "Halfway Across The River", Melbourne Fringe 2008; Top 20 Director for "Short and Sweet 09", Director of "A Fractured Feeling", Adelaide Fringe Festival and National Theatre Studio 1, 2007; Director of "Love, Faith War and Singing Telegram", at The Butterfly Club; Assistant Director and Dramaturge for Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors" and as Stage Manager, "Villanus", Brisbane Festival 08 and "Celia's Garden", at Dante's.



The Drag Shabbat

Jewish Therapy for Non-Jews and their Friends

"...and on the seventh day God rested"

The Sabbath is a weekly ritual conducted in millions of Jewish households each Friday evening to usher in the commanded day of rest. The Sabbath is a time when Jews gather with their loves ones, to rest, celebrate the weeks achievements and take time for spiritual reflection.

It’s about opening and exclusiveness. It’s ritualized and repetitive. There is nothing that happens without a reason. One is let into a secret. Fascination for the Shabbat situation touches even the unconscious.

Dress as your favorite over-Jewish character. Long fake fingernails, cheap jewelry, too much make-up.

Have strong opinions, have a fight, allow yourself to be too much, be inappropriate – in a Jewish way!!!

Famous examples include Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Karl Marx, George Castanza, Mother and Father Castanza, a Chassidic or dancing Jew, an ultra-intellectual sadistic or masochistic Jew, a doctor or lawyer, psycho-analyst, philosopher even and/or lesbian feminist—a Marrano Jew, a Christian-Jew, a Muslin-Jew, a half-Jew, a non-Jew. Franz Kafka. Avital Ronell. Ludwig Wittgenstein. Martin Heidegger. Why not?

Come on get triggered! You don’t have to be Jewish. Be ambivalent and fascinated, belonging and not belonging.

We will serve cheap sweet wine in plastic cups and challah.