Marina Kronkvist


Her Workshops:





I am
... mother of two boys.
...working with body and movement awareness, core stability and massage.
...director of non-profit organization Gnist - care & culture.
...writing a Masters in aesthetics about sexuality, art and life in the university of Helsinki.
...part of a community that has just bought land for living and working.
...working with groups and individuals on sexuality and sensibility.
...working with art.

In 2007 I published my book 'Hon som fick veta'. I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. Accepting that she knows intensifies life and time. The story is about of the gifts and pains I've integrated from the experience of the death in my family at an early age. Love-Play is the gift.




Sex a Highway to God

What’s sexier than God? I cannot go wrong with the Almighty, can I?

It rests in it’s own certainty. It knows it’s own path. Which is also mine. Taking care of it self, it takes care of me.

Can we be graceless?

In Tantra you sometimes hear non-dualistic propaganda. So lets try dualistic thinking. Where do we arrive if we indulge in God dancing with God. God fucking God. God killing God. God being bored with God (Nietzsche). God dying with God. God eating God. God caressing God?

None of the great monotheistic religions emphasize sex as a way to God. Sex is often denigrated, restricted, sometimes categorically forbidden (for example, as homosexuality). But what if sex were a way to God? Presuming we know what we mean when we say God, or G-d, as is sometimes written by Jews to remember that the Name of God is secret. Maybe sex is the unique way to G-d, as the mystics sometimes glimpsed.

In this ambitious workshop, we will create together something like a ritual, a space for God to come. This will be a space where each may open, reveal what kind of relation s/he has going on with life.

(The title ‘Sex a highway to God’ is a drawn from Johan Ekenberg.)



Ecstatic Breath

This workshop is a breath, sound and movement exploration.

We will learn and play with a variety of breath techniques. From light and fast breathing that is stimulating or even agitating, and deep breathing that has a tranquilizing effect.

Special forms of pelvic breathing will be practiced. And the continuous breath moving in and out like a wave is guided along the spine. Movement of the spine is connecting pelvis and head. You can practice moving erotic energy around with your breath.

Playing with sounds of pleasure, sounds releasing tension, sounds expanding conciousness can make the breathing into a soft and melting, wild and joyful, as well as deeply tranforming experience.

Breath, voice and movement can be experienced as a unity. The exercises simultaneously stimulate your energy, boost the sexual fire and enable natural ecstatic states

The invitation is to be orgasmic and relaxed. In a dance of polarities. Fire and water.

The bulk of what we will do in this workshop is done in pairs.




We Thirst at First


Origins of Sensibility and Lust

Connect to your primordial appetite. Innocent and lustful. In the workshop we explore the senses and reflexes connected to the active mouth.

When one finds satisfaction with somone or something one thing that happens is that more and more is demanded. More is demanded out of abundence, not less. Satisfaction breeds a particular kind of dissatisfaction. Most of us are taught to deal with these situations by denial. ‘Don’t want more.’ ‘Be thankful for what you have.’

In bodily processes dissatisfaction is a response to satisfaction and simply generates an appetite for expanded possiblities of living.

The workshop is indeed a celebration of the appetite for expanded possibilities of living.