This placeholder represents all presenters who were compelled because of social constraints to anonymize their formerly announced identity.

As long as our society does not accept forms of consensual sexuality between adult human (and by that we mean well in the family, among friends and colleagues, as well as at work or job search, etc.) this drastic step for the protection of oneself is sometimes unfortunately necessary.



Age Play

"I'll be your little girl"

In age play, we sexualize familiar structures and roles. We play with taboo fantasies, such as mummy, daddy, little girl, little boy, teacher, student and so on.

It can be very healing to create your own family, a family that you choose, where you feel at home and where you feel loved. Many of us have a need for authority figures and some of us have the need to abuse. If we approach these needs consciously, then age-play can be very healing. It may also help us to deal with old traumas.


Age play is only possible with a great deal of trust. However, one also does it for the thrill of the forbidden. As a child, I seduce authority. I am terrified of it, yet so excited. There are fantasies of being pure, innocent, again a virgin.

From the side of the authority figures, one is allowed to have control and be abusive, while at the same time giving and providing and caring.

Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop. However, it is only fair to warn you that age-play can trigger strong emotions. I am looking forward to exploring and playing with you. And to expanding my family.






Pornography almost never shows sick bodies. And yet, sickness is a part of life.

When we start talking about sickness we all get frightened/overwhelmed by it. We feel confronted with insecurity, discomfort, vulnerability and weakness. However, it can be for some of us an agreeable experience, we might feel strong moments of presence and clarity, grounding, acceptance of the stage we are in and the „drugging effect“ of adrenalin and endorphines.

Sickness is intimate. It gets right under the skin...and into the mind.

In this workshop, we will go into the complex emotions associated with sickness. We will be present with it. I would like to make this invitation to an experiment.