Mark De Viate

mark de viate

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Mark of DV8House in Sydney is an internationally renowned presenter and erotic bondage performer. He has performed and presented at a multitude of events throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and Japan. He is a passionate and skilled rope artist and top, who has a notorious sexually charged energy, and a style of teaching that is open and down to earth.

Mark is an expert in numerous fields of SM play. He is approachable and has a reputation for his ability to simplify the mystique that is often attributed to rope suspension bondage. But it's not all about the rope - Mark has the ability to channel and aim his dominant energy, and create energetic space.

Mark has been Master of DV8House since its inception in 2001. Aleni has been his slave since before DV8House was established. Lani also known as Flygirl came into their lives just over four years ago in 2006. Living a polyamorous lifestyle they have also presented workshops and forums on the intricacies of living a polyamorous power exchange relationship.

Mark has sponsored educational tours to Australia by well-known international presenters, whilst also staging the fetish ball L'Erotica in both Sydney and Melbourne with a lineup of world class performers.





Inducing involuntary rolling orgasm is what intrigued me most when I first ventured into Electro Sex back in 2001. Come and discover how to apply controlled currents safely. This class will explore the intimate use of Tens, Erostek and violet wands.

Interestingly, erotic electrostimulation feels very different from what most people imagine. With the right equipment, it can be extremely pleasurable and is sometimes described as feeling like an “internal vibrator.” When you supply the right electrical signals to the body’s nerves, the recipient can feel some amazingly erotic sensations.

Erotic e-stim is a great addition to many sexual types of sexual play.  Couples have discovered it’s the perfect enhancement to spice up their love life. Individuals find it takes masturbation to a whole new level with some even experiencing “hands free” orgasms. Still others use it for erotic BDSM play where it can create high-intensity sensations.

Do things that buzz, zap and spark fascinate you?  Perhaps it is the smell of ozone?  Perhaps it is the involuntary muscle contractions?  Whichever it may be, we know you will love this class.