Aleni De Viate


Her Workshops:




Aleni is a Female Dominant, a slave and one third of DV8 House where she lives in a polyamorous relationship with her Master Mark and co partner Lani in Sydney, Australia.

An active participant in this lifestyle since 2009 Aleni now teaches classes in BDSM practices internationally and at home in Australia. Having been the Mistress of DV8 House play parties for 5 years she is experienced in all manner of Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochistic games, running scenes, designing dungeons and tapping into the desires that touch our deepest fantasies.




Girl on Girl (ladies only)

Not expected but often desired submitting to or dominating your girlfriend not only breaks commonly held beliefs about same sex female relationships but pushes boundaries that help us define our sexual identity.

Whether you identify as a lipstick lesbian, butch dyke, transitioning or transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, gender flexible, intersex or straight but curious BDSM offers the opportunity to explore new depths of intimacy.  From bedroom antics to leather rituals come and be part of a discussion that hooks you up, plugs you in and gets you started.

For reasons of comfort and discretion this class is only available to people who identify and live as women.



Creating a BDSM scene

You want to play, to be the dominant lead in a BDSM scene, but are a little daunted about where to start.  You want it to work, to give your playpartner a fantastic experience, but you don?t want it to fall flat on its face.

Knowing how to create a scene, and having the courage to kick it off, is something that gets easier with experience.  But the only way to learn is to be brave enough to take the brave step and embark on your journey.

This class teaches you some simple techniques on planning a scene and getting it started.  Learn how to incorporate different styles of play, respect negotiated limits and use a sense of drama to create a scene worth remembering.